Our Story

Written by Andre

Our story began in summer 2010 – at the same school where we both studied

I was entering my second-year while Illy was a new student starting her freshman year. We picked one of the most uncommon, least-populated majors – Applied Mathematics, which dramatically increased the likelihood of our paths to cross. After we introduced ourselves over a warm handshake, it didn’t take long, however, to turn the senior-junior relationship into a growing seed of love.

Throughout the rest of the semester, we got to know each other more (in our own awkward way), joined the same organization and I handpicked her to be part of my team. After working together, we became close friend and I knew I had found someone special. It wasn’t until several months later when I followed my heart and asked her out. She agreed. Since then, we began dating – accompanied by our favourite meals, hundreds of movies, and Disney’s performance we’ve watched together. The rest as they say (no matter how cheesy it is), is history.

In the past 7 years, we’ve been through ups and downs, transitioning between different stages of life, and supporting each other. Looking forward, we are excited to experience another stage of relationship, travel to far flung places, and discover more beautiful things life has to offer together.



Written by Illy

My first impression when I met Andre is he is a nice person with funny hairstyle (you need to see the pic! I call it Cirebon style). I will always remember the first time he looked at me. I cant explain it but I know there was something special about him.

Andre is an active person. He likes to immerse himself in various organizations and competitions since he was in high school. He is such a hardworking person with high attention to details and driven to bring a positive impact. Not surprisingly, he achieved many accomplishments. Awarded as Student Leader of the Year in university, elected as OSIS President in high school, earning Magna Cum Laude for his double degree and passing all CFA exams are some of them. So many times I have learnt a lot from him and I wonder where he gets his determination and motivation.

Nonetheless, in the midst of his busy routine at work he always puts his family as first priority. We often spend our weekendswith family or visiting his hometown. He also likes to explore new places and activities for us. Seven years past by like a glimpse, and I cannot wait to spend our days together until death do us part!



Written by Andre

Illy was born and grew up in Jakarta. When we first met in university, my impression on her is she has a lovely personality. She is introverted just like me, but a good listener and a very nice person to talk with. During our time in school, she likes to be involved in team-based organizational activities and treats the people she works with as a family. Her diligence and caring for others is something I admire. She always puts others interest before hers, gives her 100% in doing tasks, and is willing to help someone out.

Apart from her feminine side, she used to be a table tennis player and likes to eat a lot (although choose not to). That also paves the way for her interests in baking, something that she is currently passionate about. We love spending our weekends hopping between Jakarta malls/hangout places, watching movies, or simply chilling at home. She has been my no 1 supporter in getting what I strive for in life and a patient and loyal companion for the last couple of years. With her by my side, I look forward spending the rest of our days together.


since we first met

Movie dates
Favourite meal we’ve had together (Oseng Mamat)
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