Felincia Kurniawan


Felin is my childhood friend and my favourite travelling and shopping buddy. We have been through different stages of life together, from crying in kindergarten during our first day at school to sharing a dorm room in university. I am grateful that she has been by my side after all this time!

Inke Maria


Inke is my classmate in university. We shared so many ups and downs throughout the 4 years of study. She is a sweet girl with a contagious heart-warming smile (I call it a Javanese smile)! I am grateful for the years of friendship we have shared and cheers to many more to come!

Jesslyn Yaohan


Jesslyn is my partner in crime and I’ve known her since we were in junior high school. You do not need to worry about what to do or where to go if she is around, she will organize it all! She is a kind-hearted person who always put others’ before hers. I am so lucky to call her my best friend!

Sherliey Stella


Sherliey is my fairy god mother. A talented fashion designer, gorgeous makeup artist, passionate home baker, you name it! Beside our busy days, I always know that I have that one person who always supports me and can do stupid things with. Her presence brings joy and happiness to everyone around her.



Yuli and I became best friends since we were in high school. We spent countless hours of training together while representing our high school for Ping-Pong competitions. She is a driven person and has always been a reliable friend. I am so proud that she’s blossomed into a bright scientist!


Andreas Widijargo


Andreas is one of my best friends since high school. We went to same university and rent a room to stay in the same house, where we spent years juggling with school assignments. He is always supportive and one of the most kind-hearted person I have ever met!

Dennis Farandy


Dennis is one of my dear friends and my junior in high school. We joined a science competition together during our senior years and since then we became close friend. Our common interests lead us to taking same major in the same university. He has been a loyal friend and is the man that breathes life to our hang out sessions.

Indra Winarta


Indra is my junior in university and also Illy’s classmate. I met him when he was a new student moving away from his hometown to go to university, and we spent almost every day having dinner together for first few months. He is a very fun person to hang out with.

Rico Ardisyah


Rico is my childhood friend and I have known him for more than 15 years. He was on my speed dial if I need to ask about assignments in the elementary. We did a lot of stuff together (from taking extra-curricular activities to playing play station) during our formative years. We also shared same interests in mathematics. He has been a trustworthy friend.

Yoel Martinus


Yoel is also someone I know for a very long time – ~75% of my life. We went to same school and took same majors in university (also worked together in the same organization). During high school, he used to drop me off almost every day at my house on our way back home, saving me more money to spend on food. He has always been a reliable friend.



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